Hello! Welcome to my blog, which I hope will become a hub of useful resources for others and, most importantly, a means of holding myself accountable for my goals! As an aspiring author, my content will chiefly revolve around reading, writing, research, and the skills relevant to those pursuits.

To start as I mean to go on, especially given that it is the first day of a new year (!), I will set out some goals for the next month:

January 2018

– Edit the first draft of my manuscript : Following Nanowrimo 2017, I have been working on a fiction project which currently stands at 72,000 words. Over the next month, I intend to read through everything which I have written so far, identify the problems and make notes on what needs revision, with the aim to start work on a second draft in the near future!

– Read The Buried Giant : I am approximately halfway through my signed copy of this book, and very much enjoying it so far. Ishiguro’s mix of genres and his choice of setting are relevant to my current project, so I hope to learn a lot from finishing this book. Once this goal is complete, I will be sure to share my thoughts with you!

– Read The Wake : Again, this title’s setting and inspirations are relevant to my project, and I know that The Wake will be excellent research.

– Update this blog once a week : This latter goal relies upon me generating sufficient content (such as achieving the tasks as set out above), but I am determined to do my very best!

Until the next time we meet, I wish you all a Happy New Year and best of luck with your writing goals for this month!

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